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Searching for a webhost -
what should you look for?

A small list of things to
look for and help to avoid pitfalls!
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So what do you need to take part in the market?

A website
The first and maybe the most important on this list.
Every visitor will compare you to all the thousands sites
out there, so a nice web design is a must have!

A reliable webhost to host your site
You already have found one: hostproof.
We are here to enable your business!

A SSL certificate
By activating the browser’s "LOCK" icon, SSL assures
visitors of your site that credit card account numbers
and other confidential information cannot be viewed,
intercepted or altered.

Payment processing
There are many ways to process online payment:
accepting credit cards, debit cards, online checks,
micropayment and many more...

Find out what people want, develop and produce products
or services to satisfy those wants.


Ecommerce made easy!


web hosting done right